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Great staff! The Vet was awesome and all my dogs love her. Place is worth checking out
Caleb Y.

We love Dr. Aziz. She is extremely knowledgeable and caring.
Bob M.

Although my poor cat ended up not making it after a weeklong struggle with bladder obstruction, I cannot recommend Dr. Aziz and her staff enough. She is so knowledgeable, explained everything that was going on and she cared for him and did everything she could for him as if he were her own. From the initial intake up through the difficult decision to let him go, they were so kind and understanding. Highly highly recommended.
Steve S.

Very informative and sweet on my fur baby
Ashley A.

The staff and vets are so nice at Creature Comfort! My pup Baz is treated with the best of care and I can always rest assured they provide all the knowledge and insight needed for keeping your bundle of joy happy and healthy. I highly recommend their services
Jace P.

This hospital saved me dog from the deadly parvo-virus. I am trying to save for a mortgage. I was worried the hospital bill would be atleast $3k. But thankfully my dog recovered faster and my hospital bill was affordable. I appreciate the honesty of the hospital and for saving my dog on such a short notice. This place deserves 5 stars more than anywhere else. Thank you Doctor!
Chris R.

Dr. Aziz and her staff at Creature Comfort Animal Hospital have been wonderful for our senior dog since our first visit last month. We live in Pearland and were referred to Dr. Aziz by our local emergency center and after looking at her reviews, we decided to go to the Heights and take our dog in for care. Creature Comfort has provided us with quality care for our pet while also making us feel comfortable with their safety protocols during this pandemic. Dr. Aziz with her expertise and concern for our pet’s variety of health issues and needs has exceeded our expectations and we couldn’t be happier about our decision to take our 13 year old dog into her care. She and her staff have been in constant communication with us about our pet’s health and they have made us feel confident that each step is logical and very beneficial to our dog’s well being. You can’t go wrong with Creature Comfort Animal Hospital, we highly recommend them.
Va N.

She is really helpfull also her staff
Hamilcar B.

What a GREAT experience. I took my two cats to see Dr. Aziz for an annual checkup. When I made the appointment, I warned the office staff that one of my cats has a tendency to become aggressive(in fact the last time I took her to another vet, the doctor wasn’t able to give her the shot she needed because she went full on hissing, clawing, Hulk mode). The office prepared for our visit by using FELAWAY plugins and spray. They explained that they are a FEAR FREE vet & after my visit, I would definitely agree with that. They were very CALM and let my cats warm up to them, creating an environment that my cats felt SAFE in. Dr. Aziz gave good suggestions for the issues I brought up & she was able to give both of my cats the shots they needed without any hissing, clawing or Hulk mode. I am thoroughly IMPRESSED! I wouldn’t dream of taking my cats anywhere else at this point. If you have animals that don’t like going to the vet, FEAR NOT, Dr. Aziz & her staff will take great care of you & your animals.
Ashley B.

I have been using this vet for years! she is amazingly talented and I’m so happy they have this new location!
Staci S.

This has to be the kindest, caring, most human type vet I’ve ever been to. All other vets should come and watch this magic! Keep up the good work guys! Quinton says thanks!
Kara M.

Lina is an awesome vet who really cares about every animal she treats. She takes personal interest in every patient and has helped calm my fears more than once when my dog was sick. So grateful for Lina! A+++
Natalie B.

Dr. Aziz opened a wonderful Veterinary clinic. It’s brand new. She is such a caring and dedicated doctor. We live nearby and we have so many pets that it’s difficult to bring all of them for check-ups at the same time. Dr. Aziz offered to come to the house if we made an appointment. Wow to me that blew my mind, that shows her dedication for her job. She really cares about animals. To me that is something that I’ve never seen any other vet do. When I was a little girl I always dreamed of becoming a vet and I always thought that I would be that kind of vet that would go places if someone couldn’t bring their animals. But I’ve never heard of a vet who actually Does It.

We used to go to Gulfgate because we thought those were the best prices but this location beats it and their service is Way more friendly. Dr. Aziz is the best vet I’ve ever met. And I have been to many locations trying to find the best service and prices. I have 5 dogs and 3 cats so I definitely care about animals and I’m very glad that I found this clinic.

Yasmin Z.

Affordable prices !! Fear Free !! And your first visit is free !!

Cecilia M.

Creature Comfort Animal Hospital is a nice, new, and very clean facility! It’s a wonderful place to have in our neighborhood and very convenient hours! I met with Dr. Aziz in connection with a surrendered dog who is in her care. She is truly a professional whose heart is in the right place. She genuinely has the animals’ best interest at heart. I would trust her with my fur-babies, she is very knowledgeable!

Dr. Aziz has been our family’s vet of choice for many years – a true genius when it come to animals. The Heights is lucky to have her!

Ha D.

This is a great place, we had a minor emergency and they were so awesome and caring.
Ana D.

I couldn’t be happier with our experience here. My dog broke her nail and the quick was badly exposed which was painful for her. Creature Comfort got her in immediately on a Sunday. The vet tech, Cecilia, was so sweet. She took time to explain everything to us and genuinely seemed to love our Gracie. The vet, Dr. Aziz also seemed knowledgeable and compassionate. They did not over charge or charge us for anything we didn’t need. The final price was actually less than what we were quoted for. Overall, We’re very happy we found this place and will be back… but hopefully not for an emergency!
Ivy S.

Super friendly!
Blake P.

First time there, staff is very helpful and attentive.
Julio M.

I absolutely love this place! Not only is it extremely affordable, the staff and vet was so friendly and took extra care of my dachshund mix. Dr. Aziz was knowledgeable and answered every question I had. She also printed out information for me about patellar luxation and how I can help my dog’s knee from deteorating. The clinic is doing curbside assistance only so you stay in the car and they take your dog inside, so knowing that the staff was so friendly and caring made me feel comfortable not being with my pup. Thanks again for taking such good care of Gretchen!
Tracy L.

This is the place where I trust that my kitties get the best care possible, amazing veterinarian with an amazing team, they care about their clients human and non human.. thank you for all that you do.
Fatimah QA

I’m so happy I came across Creature Comfort. It was due to the great reviews on Google that led me to give them a call, as I was feeling less than impressed with my vet of 3 years (Washington Heights).
Things that really impressed me about Creature Comfort Animal Hospital:
* the hours – OPENED WEEKENDS (even Sundays!) and evenings
* You get to see the SAME Dr. every time (it was extremely rare that my dog saw the same Vet at Washington Heights Vet Clinic). I really value this as they have some history & knowledge of your pet
* the CARE – they really truly care about your pet, from the receptionist on the phone to vet techs & Dr. Aziz; they really care and when my English Bulldog was vomiting non-stop and I didn’t know what to do, they fit in the time to see her that day for the first time, and talked to me for a long time to fully understand the issue. That same morning, prior to finding Creature lyallcliff.co.uk show couponsbest replica watch site reviewself bar kioskphone case storehttp://www.apocprod.net Comfort Animal Hospital, I had a call with Washington Heights (as they were my normal vet) and was dealing with a receptionist who showed little care or urgency, and was very dismissive.
* the VALUE – very fairly priced! I couldn’t believe how much i was being nickel & dime’d at Washington Heights Vet Clinic. I’m so appreciative that Creature Comfort is so reasonably priced and provides a very high level of care.

Just for reference, I have a 10-yr old English Bulldog. Dr. Aziz’s level of care and thoroughness helped to diagnose her with IBD and, while not curable, we are able to maintain her health with medications and diet. I don’t believe I would be in the same spot today had I stayed with my original vet. So, for that, I am very grateful for Creature Comfort Animal Hospital! Thank you!

Jessica H.

My puppy was experiencing lethargy and was just not acting as himself. I called this clinic, as they were the closest to my home. They asked me to bring him in to test for parvo to be safe. Despite never having left my home or backyard, my little buddy tested positive. I was a wreck. The staff and Dr. Aziz talked me through next steps and what to expect. Dr. Aziz even made her plan over the phone with my uncle in TN (my lifelong vet) and was willing to change direction if he was not in agreement with her plan of action. She was available day and night to help me determine if I needed to take my pup to the hospital. I am so thankful to have this clinic so close and so thankful for this staff. Every time I had to leave him, I felt so comfortable that he was in great hands! I’m so happy to report that he has made a full recovery a thanks to Dr. Aziz and her whole staff. I can not recommend this clinic enough. It is also worth mentioning that the cost of care was more than reasonable.
Hannah S.

Fast and friendly staff. Not only got me in for a check up on VERY short notice but was able to perform an excision of a cancerous looking mass from my baby girls head all on the same visit. I cant thank the vet enough. And the rates were more than reasonable. Thanx again for taking such good care of my fur baby!
Craig H.

This place is amazing grate service and you can tell that the vets really care about the animals
Amnda O.

Dr. Aziz and her staff are an incredible veternary team, who truly love and care about animals. They were so gentle and patient with our cat and saved his life. We are so thankful for their quick response and ability to treat him properly.
Audrey P.

This Veterinary clinic is wonderful! They have THE best service and the best prices, stop trying to find anywhere else to go because this is IT. The service was very wonderful, friendly, and very caring. It’s super new so I’m definitely going to spread the word around. I could not be more happy with their service.

I took my 2 dogs there one for his regular check-up and the other for a serious tumor. The vet gave us her time and explained with great detail the options we had. We didn’t feel rushed or anything she demonstrated great care. They were very attentive and even made our pets feel more comfortable because they were nervous. One of the things that I love the MOST is that this clinic is all inclusive. They are doing such a great job! I’m very happy and I hope my review helps other locals choose a very dedicated vet clinic!

Abigail F.

They are great. Dr. Aziz is very caring and dedicated.
Josue F.

First off, the inside of this hospital was so clean and smelled good! Dr. Aziz took her time with my (very nervous) bulldog and answered all of our questions thoroughly. Their practice manager Danielle was super knowledgeable and made us feel right at home. Not to mention their prices are hard to beat. I highly recommend!
Tori T.

Dr. Aziz was great, she took her time to give detailed instructions and took great care of both our pets. prices reasonable and gave us options on both procedures and payments. new facility so please visit.
Paula C.

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